Evry Sport Science
Working hard, playing harder

Last week, on Monday I went to school for History and Swimming. In the evening I didn’t go to my swimming training because I was tired. On Tuesday, I went to school and had Sociology, Teaching, English and Climbing and I finished my day with my swimming training. On Wednesday I went to school for […]

I’m a student at Evry University and I am studying sports. I’m in the second year and I’m learning many sports with the university like baseball, football, volleyball and many other very interesting sports. We also learn the theory behind these sports. There are also a lot of scientific lessons like psychology, physiology, and anatomy. […]

Since the last English lesson, I went to University on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. After the Friday statistics lesson at 16.15, it was the holiday! During the weekend I went to see my family and I drove my parents’ new car. Monday, I went shopping to buy a new winter coat. Tuesday, I went out […]

This week, like every week, I juggled between class at uni, club sport and body training in my bedroom, nothing special. It was a humdrum week. But this week was my birthday week. Still an ordinary week for me because I don’t like to celebrate this event. For me it’s a day like all others. […]

Every single week as a student is pretty much the same. Every Monday is a chance for me to sleep, much appreciated. Yet having only one class at the very end of the day, that is annoying. The Agora swimming pool is still closed, so that’s a relief as swimming isn’t my thing and bores […]

This week, I was in Evry. Monday in Dance we made a group. Now I am with Yorick, Julien, Mathieu and Manon. We began the choreography. In the evening I went to sports. Tuesday I injured myself at football. And Wednesday I played bad football because I was still in pain. Thursday I went to […]

On Tuesday, I had a hard and full day. It started at 7:30 when I woke up. At 8:30, first lesson, we had Anatomy. We learnt about just ONE bone… but there are so many complicated names to remember. After that, we had Sports Education Program. A very long lesson based on a lot of […]